DUI/ADSAC Services


Alcohol & Drug Assessments (Alcohol and Drug related for license reinstatement/revocation)


(Schedule by Appointment)

Cost for assessment: $160.00 for arrest after Nov. 2008 (state set fee)

$175.00 for arrest before Nov. 2008
(state set fee)

 An alcohol and drug assessment is a face to face clinical interview with an ADSAC assessor, certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, for the purpose of reinstating client's driver license. The assessments will take around 2 hours. Once the assessment is complete a recommendation, by the ADSAC assessor, will be given to the client. These recommendations range from a 10 Hour ADSAC & Victim Impact Panel (VIP) to residential treatment. Recommendations must be followed and any additional requirements made by the Department of Public Safety before a driver’s license will be reinstated. Upon completion of the recommendations, the client will receive a certificate of completion with a “RED STAMP” to present to the Department of Safety.  All recommendations must be completed for license to be reinstated.  

Drug Charge/Poss. Assessment

 (Schedule by Appointment)  

Cost for assessment: $160 

 Client's who are court ordered to complete an alcohol and drug assessment, which do not affected your driver license will complete a alcohol and drug assessment. The alcohol and drug  assessment will take around 2 hours. These recommendations range from a substance abuse courses and/or Victim Impact Panel to a residential treatment. There will be a cost associated with having to complete these recommendations.  Once the recommendations have been completed a certificate of completion will be given to the client to give to the courts, probation/parole officer or attorneys' office to satisfy their requirements.  

10 Hour DUI/ADSAC Classes

 3rd weekend of every month 

Cost:  $150.00 (state set fee)

Friday 5 PM to 8:15 PM 

Saturday 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM 

Sunday 10 AM to 1:15 PM 

24 Hour DUI/ADSAC Classes

 Cost is $360.00 (state set fee) put $100.00 down to start

Tuesday & Thursday night from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for 6 weeks

* Please call for availability and seating for DUI/ADSAC Classes  

 (580) 699-3399